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The new Standard for Information Technology Service Management

ISO/IEC20000 (formerly BS15000)
is the first worldwide standard specifically aimed at IT Service Management System. It helps identify and manage the key processes involved in delivering effective IT services which meet the needs of the business and the customer.

The standard is based on the best practice foundation of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ISO/IEC20000 introduces a service culture and provides the methodologies to deliver services that meet defined business requirements and priorities in a manageable way.

ISO20000 has two parts both with the general title Information technology ? Service management and enables IT service providers to identify how to enhance the quality of service they deliver to their customers, both internal and external.

Part1 : Specification (ISO/IEC2000- 1:2005) defines the requirements for a service provider to deliver managed services of an acceptable quality to the customers. The standard provides specifications on a wide range of topics, many of them being the same as in the ITIL Service Support and the ITIL Service Delivery. In addition to defining the appropriate vocabulary to be used in the IT service management context, the topics addressed include:

- Service Delivery Processes: capacity management, service continuity and availability management, service level management, service reporting, information security management, budgeting and accounting for IT services

- Control Processes: configuration management, change management

- Release Processes: release management

- Resolution Processes: incident management, problem management

- Relationship Processes: business relationship management, supplier management

Part2 : Code of practice (ISO/IEC20000- 2:2005) offers industry consensus guidance and recommendations to implementers as well as to qualified and competent managers and employees. It mentions twenty specific objectives that IT organizations should strive to achieve, and indicates to the reader not only the activities (specifications) to be carried out, but more importantly why the objectives need to be met. This understanding is very important, because it will indicate the overall direction the organization needs to take, and what effort will be needed not only for initial implementation but also to sustain the system, year after year. It facilitates an assessment of the overall return on investment as a result of implementation. The objectives include:

- Requirements for a Management System: providing a management system, including policies and a framework to enable the effective management and implementation of all IT services

- Planning and Implementing Service Management

- Planning and Implementing New or Changed Services: ensuring that the new services and changes to services will be deliverable and manageable at the right cost and service delivery

  planning the implementation and delivery of service management
  implementing the service management objectives and plan
  monitoring, measuring and reviewing that the service management objectives and plan are being achieved
  improving the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery and management

- Service Delivery Process

  defining, agreeing recording and managing levels of services
  producing timely, accurate reports for informed decision making and effective communication
insuring that agreed service continuity and availability to customers can be met in all circumstances
  budgeting and accounting for the cost of service provision
  ensuring that the service provider has, at all times, capacity to meet current and future agreed customer demand
  managing information security effectively within all service activities (with reference to ISO/IEC17799)

- Relationship Processes

  establishing and maintaining a good relationship between the service provider and the customer based on understanding the customer and their business drivers
  managing suppliers to insure the provision of seamless, quality services

- Resolution Processes

  restoring agreed service to the business as soon as possible or responding to service requests
  minimizing disruption to the business by proactive identification and analysis of the cause of service incidents and by managing problems to closure

- Control Processes

  defining and controlling the components of the service and infrastructure and maintaining accurate configuration information
  ensuring all changes are assessed, approved, implemented and reviewed in a controlled manner - Release Process
  delivering, distributing and tracking changes in a release into the live environment

ISO20000 is based on the process approach including the plan- do- check- act (PDCA) cycle and requirement for continual improvement. Organizations can have their IT service management systems independently certified as conforming to the requirements of ISO/IEC20000- 1:2005.

In addition to providing for standardized terminology and processes to be used by all, ISO/IEC20000- 2 gives useful guidance to auditors and offers assistance to organizations that are planning service improvements or are preparing to be audited.


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